Bancroft Gardens is a small, family-run home located in the middle of Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Many people enter a residential home as a result of a crisis resulting in an inability to cope on their own. At Bancroft Gardens we do our best to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Our aims at Bancroft Gardens are:

Encourage residents to become involved in all decisions affecting them unless there are clear reasons why this is not appropriate.

Make all care decisions on the assumption that residents are capable of determining their own level of independence (eg. holding pension book, medicines, room key, and deciding what to do and when), unless there is clear evidence that this is not so.

Provide opportunities for residents, in consultation with their representatives and the Manager, to review their situation at frequent intervals.

To encourage residents to bring personal possessions, within reason, to create a more homely and familiar atmosphere within their rooms.

To preserve continuity wherever possible by assigning key workers to individual residents, and preserving links with previous acquaintances.

To avoid having rules other than those necessary to maintain stability and to avoid institutional practices imposed for administrative convenience.

To enable residents to enjoy privacy for themselves and their guests.

To treat residents with dignity by using an appropriate form of address, and by the attitude of staff regarding sensitive issues such as incontinence, bathing, dressing etc.

To respect ethnic, religious, and cultural requirements of residents.

To maintain confidentiality regarding residents' affairs.


Accommodation at Bancroft Gardens consists of 10 single and 3 twin bedded rooms. All rooms have an en-suite w.c. and vanity unit. Doors are suitable for wheelchair access. Each room has a television and access to telephone calls. Some residents prefer to have a private telephone line connected. In addition to the en-suite facilities, there are two bathrooms, one with an electrically operated hoist and bath seat for those who have difficulty getting in and out of a bath.

Periodically a room will become available and we are happy to accept short-term respite stays.   There is always a demand for these to cover periods when relatives are away on holiday or simply as a change from the normal routine. 


Although the informal atmosphere in the home helps to ensure that residents are never out of contact with the staff, there is also a call system to summon help in case of emergency. A lift between the three floors gives easy access to all parts of the home if the stairs are too difficult.

Most rooms enjoy a pleasant view over the riverside gardens with its tourists and entertainment in the summer months or of the bustling
Stratford streets with their delightful Christmas decorations and lights in winter.   There is a small Roof Garden which can be very pretty in summer with its colourfully planted pots of flowers.


Bancroft Gardens has three pleasant lounges situated on two floors, with numerous comfortable armchairs.  A resident who wishes to sit quietly to read, or chat to friends can do so without disturbance from the television which is in the third lounge.  One of the lounges has a piano which is frequently used for musical entertainment.  An attractive Dining Room is situated between one of the lounges and the kitchen.